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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
I wonder then if these will be limited releases rather than "on demand" because of the pressed discs?
WAC reports that the Blu-ray discs will be replicated in limited quantities and fulfilled on demand. All releases will leverage high quality 1080p masters. In many instances, as with Deathtrap, the films will be available for the first time for home viewing in their original widescreen format.
I don't think they mean limited ala Twilight Time, where they print 3,000 copies and that's it. I think they mean that instead of pressing 10,000 (or however many discs they typically press at a time), that they will instead run a smaller pressing (1,500, 3,000, etc.) and run additional pressings as warranted. They then offset the higher per disc pressing charges by selling the discs at a higher than normal retail price. I'm guessing this is probably very similar to what Olive does with some of the Paramount titles that they've been releasing.

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