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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
I'll just say they SUCK now. Besides the occasional solid release, every other two or three releases from them are somehow screwed up.

The days of Anchor Bay being a studio that actually gave a shit are long over. Now they care more for releasing shitty movies like Snowmageddon and Vamps.

They should really just change the company to Starz, because that's what it is. Anchor Bay is pretty much long dead now.
atleast on dec 4th they'll be rereleasing the long OOP Silent Night Deadly Night double feature and it being 2 discs as the original release was only a flipper disc and also had a booklet. which i highly doubt will be included in the rerelease now 2 dvd set!!! Silent Night remake comes out the same day as well!!!! But yeah if anchor bay would of released the double feature on Blu-ray then we are talking a whole different ball game for anchor bay but sadly it's just the dvd release!!!
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