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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
The original owners and people who ran Anchor Bay are long gone. I remember years ago when I had a problem with a defective DVD, I called Anchor Bay and this old lady would answer the phone. She replaced my DVD free of charge no questions asked. She said they were a tiny company releasing obscure movies. In other words the people who worked there were horror/giallo fans. So I find it laughable when you folks say Anchor Bay sucks now. Of course they suck cock now the heart and soul of that company is gone/dead.
Yeah, Anchor Bay even sent me missing "inserts" a couple of times even. One time they even FedEx'd it overnight for some reason! This was long before they were sold and became bigger.

The old people are all indeed long gone... that's why I say it's really just Starz now, and they should just change the name once and for all. As for Anchor Bay that once existed, its soul is dead and only exists now as far as the name and logo. I have no faith in them, so fuck 'em.
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