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Caught this last night. I had not heard of it before, and did not know until reading this thread it was from the makers of insidious. But my thoughts last night were that this movie was a cross between insidious, Amityville Horror and The Shining. It was a spooky movie for sure, and some parts were very well executed with the viewing of the 8mm films. I liked Ethan Hawke in it, it was good to see him in a role like this and whilst some on this thread have criticized his performance in this, I found his role to be very well played. I went in expecting not much, but enjoyed the movie from start to end. Speaking of the end, it wasn't too hard to predict. As for the the Mr Boogie (Slipknot mask lol) character, it was underused in my opinion and didn't explain anything of the origins or meanings of it. Maybe a sequel would delve further into this. Final thoughts are 7/10, not fantastic but certainly entertaining enough for most horror fans to kill 90 minutes without looking for the forward button.
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