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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
I caught up with this last night on Netflix and to be brutally frank I have absolutely no idea how this mess of jump scares and non acting is as popular as it is. I got about 40 minutes into it before I had to shut it off. And it made me realize that Rose Byrne has zero talent or charisma and the only reason that she gets roles is because she's pretty. Even the good movies that she is in like X-men First Class are good despite her presence and not because she has anything to offer. The one good thing I can say about Insidious is that at least it wasn't shot shaky cam/Blair Witch style, but even then it felt like one of those films.
Hmm interesting you hated it so much. I watched it again recently and didn't like it as much as the first time. There is a hint of an essence of something as great as The Exorcist. Maybe it was the music or the pacing, but it's there. Aside from that, I kind of have to agree at least that it's a mess. There isn't enough of a solid focus going on. There should have been only one antagonistic force, maybe? Nothing is explained in any way (like who the fuck is the biker guy?) and it's not compelling enough to remain a mystery. When they call in the old lady and she starts doing annoying shit like wearing gas masks and calling limbo, "the further" I kind of signed off.

That being said, I disagree big time on Rose Byrne. I think she's got plenty to offer as well as good looks:
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