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The Warner Archive Collection is now doing... Blu-ray??

It's true. Their first two releases are...

DEATHTRAP (1982) After he was Superman and before he was Alfred, Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine made a World’s Finest pair of actors in Sidney Lumet’s adaptation of Ira Levin’s wickedly funny and criminally clever mystery play. Joining them in the “who’ll do it?” suspense is Dyan Cannon with real-life critics Stewart Klein, Jeffrey Lyons and Joel Siegel all making cameos. Deathtrap is at last available on disc in its correct aspect ratio, and with clarity that truly pops! Presented on Blu-ray™ disc

GYPSY (1962) Mervyn LeRoy directs this lavish and heartfelt adaptation of the musical fable drawn from the legend of burlesque superstar, Gypsy Rose Lee. Rosalind Russell stars as an aggressive stage mother, determined to place her daughters (Natalie Wood and Ann Jillian) in the spotlight. When the “chosen” daughter rebels against maternal machinations, the ugly duckling gets thrown into the spotlight and discovers her destiny. Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim provide the show-stopping music and lyrics, and Arthur Laurents’ underlying book is a rock-hard spine of enchantment. And Natalie is naturally stunning in 1080p. Also stars Karl Malden. Presented on Blu-ray™ disc
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