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Originally Posted by Cujo108 View Post
I caught this last night, and surprise, surprise, I loved it. I'm not much of a Wan fan. If not for Rose Byrne being in this, I likely would have waited to see it on Blu-ray.

I was very impressed with the level of atmosphere and tension on display. The film is genuinely unsettling. I also thought the idea behind what the haunting actually is was most intriguing, a creative detour from the norm. Everything with Lin Shaye and her crew is gold. They come in midway through and pretty much steal the movie.

One major plot point is predictable and I didn't much care for a bizarre scene with
the demon in his little workshop,
but Insidious worked for me as a whole. It's a step in the right direction for Wan, and I'm glad I made a trip to the theater for it.
I thought Death Sentence was pretty good. Agree that this is probably the guy's best film though. Certainly isn't Saw.

Originally Posted by rxfiend View Post
No, it does not feature the MTVesque editing that has plagued modern films. The camera actually lingers on the characters and situations. The editing in the film actually allows suspense to build up, and not cut away. Exact opposite of Wan's other films.
Death Sentence's editing wasn't too bad I thought. Saw was pretty annoying to watch though. Almost forgot to mention I haven't seen Dead Silence. Looks lame, so I passed.
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