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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
Did he bend over and soap up his hairy ass and then pump it up and down like a common pole dancer while eating a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
There's a world of difference between true sexual charisma and magnetism that can't really be put into words be it Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or even Mick Jagger and contemporary attempts to fit most of these female pop stars into the same sexually exploitative role, be it Spear's little school girl outfit, Aguilera's sexually suggestive lyrics and skimpy outfits, Perry's breasts, whatever the fuck appeal Rihanna may have to some, or now Gaga wiggling her ass. Sure, it's been there to a degree for a long time but never to this extent-back in the day Sheena Easton and Olivia Newton John were considered tremendous sex symbols-did they ever promote their pussies to this degree?
Past a certain point is anyone even listening to the music with such overt sexual visuals or is it incidental? The common theme today is flashy sexually enticing imagery to cover up lack of originality and/or talent.
Right, you've established that times change and with this change so too do our sensitivities, tastes, and opinions. When Elvis swung his hips, there was uproar. Everything that shocks, saddens, or upsets you about Gaga was voiced back then, too. "Back in my day, an artist didn't need sex to sell records." The difference is that she upped the ante, and she's done this because swingin' hips aren't shocking anyone anymore, just like rolling around naked on cake won't shock/disgust anyone in 10-20 years, either. She's getting people talking about her music, her record, and her persona. It certainly worked on you (and me). Are there artists who don't need to do this? Yes, just like there were back in Elvis' day, too.

My point is that there is nothing new at work here. Sex sells. Would Gaga's music sell as well as it does without all this provocation? No, but neither would Madonna's, or the artist before her, or the artist before her, too. Gaga doesn't want to be Olivia Newton John. She wants to be bigger.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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