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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
The last two times Iíve ordered from Shout!, I have had bad experiences. They ship their merchandise in flimsy cardboard mailers that get easily bent. So both orders had posters along with them and they arrived crumpled and bent in some areas. Then my Terror Train BD was completely bent in half (not sure how the hell that was possible)Ö4 emails and a little over a month later, I finally received a replacement Terror Train BD.

Iíll stick with Amazon from now on I think.
Yeah, I've had some account problems with Shout! and they've never responded to a single email. What'd you use to contact them Chomp?

All my orders have arrived on my doorstep in one piece and on time so I've never needed to contact them about an order. But I wouldn't be confident in their service if something did happen. I only risk picking up the occasional exclusive from them.
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