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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
Yeah, I've had some account problems with Shout! and they've never responded to a single email. What'd you use to contact them Chomp?
Well, I used their form on the site for the first three times and didnít get a response. So, I just shipped the damaged blu ray (along with a detailed letter) to Shout!ís address. I checked the tracking # until I saw it was received and delivered and waited about a week without a response. Finally, I did some internet detective work, and got a hold of an actual name from Shout!ís sales department. I emailed him and he responded within 5min. that they did indeed receive the damaged product and a replacement would be on its way. Four days later I was finally able to watch the Terror Train BD.

I am assuming their contact form on their site might be a little wonky or perhaps flooded?

I donít know why Shout!ís cardboard mailers have failed to deliver my goods undamaged these last two times. I am much more fearful of ImportCDís chincy shrink wrap packaging technique, yet every time my DVDís/BDís miraculously arrive unscathed. I think my mailman just takes his frustration out on my packages when he sees he has to to get out of his truck and walk up to my porch. Fucker should be happy Iím keeping him in business Ha!
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