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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
LOL Cher? I'm not so sure CHER did it better.
I can't even imagine what sort of connection this person had in their head with that. The Pop Cher was intolerable ("Believe," "Strong Enough," and "Song for the Lonely" are bleeding earsores). The Rock Cher ("Turn Back Time," "Just Like Jesse James") was... kind of Pop Cher, part 1. And... I don't even know how to categorize her 70's music ("Half Breed," Living in a House Divided," "Carousel Man"). Extremely emotional for what(ever) was considered pop back in the days of disco, funk, soul, etc. What would you call that style of music?

Oh yeah, and for anyone looking for more ammo, click on any Missing Persons or Berlin video on YouTube. Even I was shocked to see how much Dale Bozzio and Teri Nunn's makeup made Lady Gaga look like a clone. She has a very unfortunately unoriginal looking face, with or without lightning bolts over her eyes. (Also, watched The Black Dahlia last week- Gaga was all I heard everytime Scarlett Johansson opened her mouth.)

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