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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Well, I used their form on the site for the first three times and didnít get a response. So, I just shipped the damaged blu ray (along with a detailed letter) to Shout!ís address. I checked the tracking # until I saw it was received and delivered and waited about a week without a response. Finally, I did some internet detective work, and got a hold of an actual name from Shout!ís sales department. I emailed him and he responded within 5min. that they did indeed receive the damaged product and a replacement would be on its way. Four days later I was finally able to watch the Terror Train BD.
Yeah I used the web form too and never got a response from it. OK, well I'll just wait and see if my pre-order arrives. If it does then I suppose it doesn't matter if I can't log into my account because I probably won't order from them again.

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