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Wow, King Kong, Son of Kong AND Mighty Joe Young? I think my 5 year old head would have exploded had such a concept been introduced to its gooey brain at the center. The only thing that could possibly hold such a fragile state together is the promise of Godzilla the next day. Genius! Those clips are awesome thank you.

I don't think that was much of a tradition here in Chicago but when cable was still young I believe they ran King Kong around that time too so a vague connection had formed for me in my youth. As a huge Kong fan I should make it more of a tradition and I'll have to watch my Blu-ray tonight. The MST3k Turkey Day was a big thing for me and my sister on Comedy Central and the Shout DVD release of Night of the Blood Beast includes all the skits they created for that marathon in 1995. I watch that version of Blood Beast last night during dinner.

Actually A Nightmare Before Christmas is usually what I want to watch right after Thanksgiving. It's a good way to transition into the stop motion Holiday specials I think.
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A Few Ants Short. And what the hell, check out my DVD Collection won't you?

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