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A bunch of Korean horror, rated.

I went on an Asian horror cinema kick this past Halloween. I'm just finishing "The Wig" right now. These are all South Korean as far as I know. Watching all these I've become quite familiar with the recipe these movies all adhere to. Some of the execute it better than others. Most of these aren't that great, but I figured for all the time I put in, I should throw out my (spoiler-free) opinion on these:

Bunshinsawa - 5/10 - This one is pretty middle of the road. It's got the classic elements of an asian ghost story but is just kind of "meh".

Cello - 7/10 - This one is pretty good. Interesting premise and nice direction.

Phone - 6/10 - There's a little girl in this one that could probably out-act anyone in Hollywood. The rest of the film is fairly good but not particularly great.

Whispering Corridors: Voice - 6/10 - The two school girls give good performances. The premise is interesting enough, but the movie kind of drags along. There are a bunch of these "Whispering Corridor" movies out there. I imagine they are targeted at teens the way Twilight is for North Americans.

The Wig - 8/10 - Best of the bunch. Really creepy for something with a relatively simple premise.

Doll Master - 4/10 - Really cheesy. Don't bother.

The Red Shoes - 7/10 - Great atmosphere. It becomes a little full of itself near the end, but solid for the most part.

Slit-Mouthed Woman - 5/10 - This is almost like a kids' movie. It takes place in the day for the most part. There are a lot of parts that don't make sense and it gets really hokey.

I also re-watched Ju-on: The Grudge(Japanese, I know, but in the same vein) recently. Non of these are particularly as good as that one is.
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