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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
It sure does suck, but format rights are always an issue when releasing something for home viewing... and the Archive titles being released directly through the studios are likely only cleared for the US distribution.
Well, the vast majority of the Warner catalog is made up of stuff that Warner owns worldwide rights for, including most of the Archive titles, but of course there are exceptions, with probably THE GREEN SLIME being the most familiar example for us. It's those exceptions that screw everything up. What Warner really needs to do with the Archive webstore is go through every film offered to identify the ones they do and do not own the worldwide rights to, and then program the website so those titles they don't have world rights for can only be shipped to countries where their sale is okay. It would be total bitch work to do, though, so I imagine this would be a good summer project for some film school interns.
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