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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
I'm watching walking Dead right now and the amount of commercials is ridiculous. This is fucking cable, not NBC. It's literally the only thing I watch aside from the occasional weather report. Thank God for my massive DVD/BD collection :-)
That's why I DVR everything. I can't stand commercials. AMC and Spike are two of the biggest offenders. Has anyone ever been able to sit through one of the Star Wars films on Spike? I think each film lasts about six hours. I imagine they must break during sentences ("Luke, the Force will be wi...Did you know you could save 15% by switching..."). Thank god they don't have the rights to air the Lord of the Rings films. We're talking 12 hours before Bilbo even knows there's a ring. AMC's biggest issue is they jam The Walking Dead down your throat. Many times I'll be searching the guide and I'll see that a great horror flick is on, and then see that it's on AMC. I'll then keep looking to see what else is on.
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