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This weekend is the mid-season finale. Pretty wicked season to say the least. I am really looking forward to this Sunday’s episode. Two things, however, I am not fond of:

Issue A. TV show Andrea should have been dead ages ago. I find her constant disobedience to Rick’s core group irritating and adolescent. Whether it be taking Shane’s side, arguing with Dale, or now being the Governor’s fuck buddy. She’s nowhere near as competent and appealing as the comic book Andrea. TV show Andrea reminds me of comic book Carol. I hope she receives the same fate.

Issue B. Michonne. Wow, did the writers drop the ball on this character. Everyone kept hyping her entrance into the series, but the writers have completely botched it. She's not interesting. Not fun to watch. So far hasn't even been an asset to anything worthwhile. And suffers from being the MOST ONE NOTE character in the entire series. And that's saying something.

But hopefully, now that Michonne has been introduced to Rick, we will see her progress and develop (as evident of thanking Herschel for fixing her up) because I don’t think I can take much more of her mopery.

Everything else is cream cheese. Rick is a loony badass and Daryl’s character arc from ornery hillbilly to trustworthy and endearing team member is certainly some of the best aspects of the show. As well as this seasons awesome zombie carnage.

And while the comic book Governor is one of the most ruthless, vicious, and vile enemies ever to grace the comic book medium, I do have to say, I really enjoy TV show Governor and the route the writers chose to take with him. He’s charming and cunning on the outside, but completely sadistic and psychotic on the inside….sort of like a real politician. Ha!

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