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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
I'll slightly admit, Anchor Bay ain't what it used to be. But look at what they released this year; Battle Royale 1 and 2, Mother's Day (1980), Halloween 4 and 5, The Entity, they even re-releasing the Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 and 2 Double Feature DVD.

In fact, I think their classic title releases (including sub-licensing deals with Fox and Troma this year) have increased from last year.

Scanners seems to be appropriate for Anchor Bay since they have another Avco title Phantasm and both Phantasm and Scanners once belonged to MGM and brought by their director and the producer respectively. If Phantasm was brought by Anchor Bay from Don then the odds of Anchor Bay buying Scanners (and maybe The Brood) from the producer is 50/50.

Now yes, their are other possibilities like Code Red and Synapse since Code Red has Weekend Murders and Synapse has Vampire Circus (2 titles once belonged by MGM) but I'll agree with you that the other possibility will be Criterion but I doubt it since that title doesn't seem up Criterion's alley. Right now, my money's on Anchor Bay (and I think next year since it looks likely and even more so since Scream Factory will release the 2 sequels).
Anchor Bay is SHIT!

Battle Royale and Mother's Day were decent releases but ONLY released because they had remakes hitting, Hunger Games being a somewhat remake of Battle Royale.

The Entity was a shoddy release lacking all the extras that they included on the re-released DVD, and Halloween 4 and 5 were also missing extras from the previous DVD releases as well as new extras that they promised in their advertisement. Silent Night Deadly Night they could even bother to releases on Blu and instead just re-released the previously OOP DVD.

Don't even get me started on all the titles that they haven't released to Bluray! They have sat on Demons/ Demons 2, Phantasm, Tenebre, Phenomena, Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition, Halloween w/ TV cut and missing extras.

Even the titles that they did get right for the most part like Evil Dead, License to Drive and Masters of Horror they couldn't even bother to include all the previous extras.

And then there are the barebones titles they released where for the most part they couldn't even bother to include a menu; Jack Brooks, Girl Next Door, Hellboy Animated Collection, and The Lost.
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