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Yeah I decided what the hell and have continued watching episodes of Ghostbusters during lunch and dinner all through November. I've just started Vol. 3 this week. I picked up the original Time Life package all those years ago. At the time they had some crazy sale for pre-ordering it and I think I piled on some other coupons too. Anyways I had everything marked down as costing me just under $150 on that.

I watched Son of Kong last night and Mighty Joe Young tonight. Son of Kong kinda reminds me of the Star Wars prequels. There's a lot of useless scenes to fill the running time and most everything in there is to remind you of the better film that came first but not much else. But the way they handle baby Kong especially reminds me of JarJar Binks. But at least it's only 69 minutes and this is pretty awesome:

It's fun to think of Mighty Joe Young as a sequel to Son of Kong with Carl Denham leading a second life on the West Coast running night clubs far away from NY. While the animation, SFX and Joe Young in general are fantastic I never really like the way they portrayed the girl. She just yells at him when he's in trouble or ordering him around. We never see them "hanging out" or anything.

As I was looking up the King Kong monkey clip I came across this again and had entirely forgot about it:
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