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I am a little late here but I am pumped for The Fog! It has been one of my most wanted titles on Blu. The Howling and The Burning will be must buys as well, with Lifeforce and Night of the Comet not far behind. I haven't heard of most of their new to DVD/ Blu titles (Other then The Town That Dreaded Sundown which I am excited for) so these are the announcements I have been waiting for! The other titles look cool from the trailers and I will check them out, but these are the ones I will watch many times over the years.

Either way, I plan on purchasing every title they have announced. Some people collect Criterion films, at least so far I plan on purchasing every Scream release. The only title I'm not really looking forward to is Day of the Dead, but I'm sure they'll add a stack of new extras that will get me to purchase it.

Add in all the action titles that Shout has announced and these guys are the saviours of the Blu industry. Horror titles haven't been trickling out as much as I would like them to, especially with Blue Underground hiding in most of 2012, but these guys have got me excited about the future of Blu again.
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