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I want Code Red to survive. If Bill can't afford to release Blu-rays of all of his films, that's just something we'll have to live with. He won't survive and will have to close up shop if he ventures into Blu-ray and the titles he chooses end up flopping, so I'll take a DVD over a Bluray if it means he will keep acquiring and releasing the kind of movies everybody else turns down. Actually, it's not a big deal if most of his movies are on DVD only. The reality is, DVD penetration remains widespread. Most households have at least one DVD player so it makes sense to think that it's safer to release something on a format that is everywhere as opposed to a format with a smaller piece of the pie like Bluray. But, most people agree that something like ELECTRIC CHAIR is so obscure that a Bluray of the film won't stand a chance of selling any more than a handful of copies and it's something that, as a test, will fail. Which means that Bill will be disappointed and won't consider releasing future titles on high-def. Just Before Dawn, OTOH, will look spectacular on Bluray and will likely outsell many of his bigger-selling titles to date. If, and this is a big if, JBD fails to sell well, then it's time to acknowledge the harsh reality that cult movies are a very small market and it's best to just do limited runs on DVD.
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