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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
I want Code Red to survive.
Code Red will survive only if it has a viable business plan. That said, Code Red's survival only makes a difference to me if he produces the sort of product that I want to buy. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the sort of special features Bill has produced, but those are secondary. I can only speak for myself, but that primary concern is always the feature itself - special features are very nice, but first of all, I want to enjoy the movie looking and sounding as good as it possibly can, in the best possible format. And if Bill can't give something like Just Before Dawn that, then I would have prefered that he hadn't aquired it.

Originally Posted by startide View Post
When will Bill realise that we don't just buy movies simply because they're Code Red releases? We buy movies because we want to see them again or because they sound interesting to us.
You hit the nail on the head here.
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