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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
But wouldn't most of the people buying cult titles have a Bluray player and probably prefer to have the titles on Blu?
I have no doubt that it is the case, but we also (at least I do) continue to buy on DVD when it's the only choice. I mean just this month I've purchased two titles on DVD-R (Gator Bait 2 and The Devil's Sisters) because it's the only way to get them. I don't think I'm an exception as some cult movies fans always purchase on VHS.

Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
Considering players can be found under $50 now there's not really any excuse.
it isn't the reader who is costly but the TV system to enjoy fully the format... By exemple I have the reader (a region free one) and a large TV but not HD. My budget just prevent me to purchase a new TV as my old one work well and I don't want to move it (the TV is very heavy).

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