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Originally Posted by Jimmy S View Post
I have no doubt that it is the case, but we also (at least I do) continue to buy on DVD when it's the only choice. I mean just this month I've purchased two titles on DVD-R (Gator Bait 2 and The Devil's Sisters) because it's the only way to get them. I don't think I'm an exception as some cult movies fans always purchase on VHS.
I still buy DVDs as well, I just don't like spending $20 on them when a feature laden Scream Bluray can be found for the same price. Plus add shipping charges as Code Red only sells their titles exclusivity which is more to ship to Canada and their releases end up being pretty expensive DVDs!

Originally Posted by Jimmy S View Post
it isn't the reader who is costly but the TV system to enjoy fully the format... By exemple I have the reader (a region free one) and a large TV but not HD. My budget just prevent me to purchase a new TV as my old one work well and I don't want to move it (the TV is very heavy).
I agree, TVs can be expensive though they are getting a little more affordable, but even if you don't have the better TV yet it just makes sense to buy Blu now anyways so whenever you do get around to upgrading you can fully take advantage of the better picture and audio quality and won't have to replace your collection. Usually they aren't much of a difference in price, unless we are talking big company catalog titles and they usually have extra features not found on the DVD, plus you get the scratch resistant discs. I had a player and many Blu discs long before I had an HD TV. I didn't notice much of a difference but when I did finally get around to a 1080p TV it sure was nice to already have a decent collection.
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