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Originally Posted by baggio View Post
No , no, no ... not The Walking Dead Katatonia. I was speaking of that Talking Dead show that comes on after. The show that discusses the newest episode.

The Walking Dead I enjoy very much.
Get ready for more Talking Dead, they’re moving it up to an hour long. I really don’t mind Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick is actually quite amusing…I didn’t know he was that big of a nerd.

What I do hate about Talking Dead is when they have people on the show, that don’t have any business being on there in the first place. That episode with Sarah Silverman and that d00d from Good Charlotte made me want to vomit. Watching Sarah Silverman try to speak intricately induces images of primates throwing feces. That woman is swine.

I remember one time they had Napoleon Dynamite on there as well…just totally wtf? I understand they need celebrity face value for this type of talk show inspired thing but c’mon.

The guests should always include at least one person that is affiliated with The Walking Dead in some way. I mean, the show is damn interesting when Robert Kirkman or Greg Nicotero show up.

Comic Book Men is getting bumped to Thursday…what the hell is that about? Is Thursday suppose to be AMC’s reality night? They got that Freakshow show airing that night and some other low brow reality entertainment show. Eeeesh…I see AMC is dipping into TLC-type exploitative degeneration-territory there.

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