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No it doesn’t but, like I said it’s interesting at times. I like when Kirkman shows up because he usually discusses the parallels between the comic and the TV show and sometimes they divulge in a few tidbits about the comic itself. Which is cool because there isn’t a whole hell of a lot of shows devoted to the comic book medium let alone one devoted entirely to ZOMBIES.

Or when Nicotero talks about effects, his history, behind the scenes stuff, writing/directing and zombie stuff in general. Or when a cast member shows up to talk about their experiences. Sort of like a live version of a interview or commentary you’d get on a DVD. The discussions also tend to dip into a deeper level at times, discussing certain social themes and such, but it usually seems kind of out of place because the show is so strongly comedy driven. It’s hard to take those aspects serious.

I don’t mind the show…they just need to keep the guests interesting and relevant. It would be awesome if they could get Romero and Kirkman on together, but sadly, I heard Romero isn’t a fan.
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