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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
I think it was about a year ago when he was asked to direct an episode or two. He declined and said he admires the comic (haha “admires” TWD is 10x better than the zombie (Toe Tags) comic you put out; jealousy maybe?), but since they are not “his zombies” he has no interest in being a part of any of it (well what the hell was that horrid Resident Evil script then?)

Sometimes when I read some of these interviews given by Romero, it seems he hates the zombie trend he started, yet he keeps milking the idea himself. It’s obvious his films tend to get weaker and weaker, yet he continues to dish out zombie related material. Although I recently revisited Survival of the Dead, and aside from the atrocious CGI, I actually found it to be sort of enjoyable.

Whatever, the guy is elderly, let him do whatever the fuck he wants.
I feel for Romero. His initial zombie trilogy set the standard for the modern zombie. Hollywood won't touch him, while projects such as Resident Evil, The Walking Dead and World War Z to name a few receive endless budgets. Romero can only get backed to make a "dead" film, but with a miniscule budget.
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