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I decided to finish things up with King Kong vs. Godzilla and King Kong Escapes!

I'm kinda up and down about King Kong vs. Godzilla. Kong has a very mangy costume and the plot is really stretched thin to create a feature length running time. The fights are kinda dopey reminding me of the worst wrestling matches where they do everything but wrestle. Still when it comes down to the Japanese doing what the Japanese do best it comes of fairly well and it's just too bad that the US cut is really all we have of this.

King Kong Escapes is a lot of fun, mixing in a lot of the original's set pieces along with the usual kaiju antics. This seems like it had an influence on the 70's remake because there's a lot of similarities. If you didn't know better you'd think the Japanese were aping the American remake but this was the first to have the blonde actively like and try to save Kong. The ending in Tokyo was very similar to the remake. There's also a battle with a giant water snake. This one keeps things tightly packaged and moving so it's always a pleasure to watch.
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