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Originally Posted by The Tall Man View Post
Zombie Dude, you have never seen SNDN or Black Christmas ? WTF ? Dude, as a fellow Aussie I have lived on Amazon for many years, and I'm sure you have imported stuff too. I can't believe you have not seen these !

I was 17 at the time in 1984 and remember lying about my age to see Silent Night Deadly Night at the cinema. Loved it then, still love it now. Although upon reflection I'm pretty sure it was censored version we were given. But it is still a nice memory to have of that in the cinema. We even had a few christians, sorry, MORONS picketing the cinema's here too at the time in little old Adelaide South Australia.

They are classics, and you must see them.

Dobby, I really don't know how popular the horror genre is here down under. But when I sell stuff on ebay I don't get much response unlike what I see on the american ebay. So yeah, it is kinda lame here.

I have tried to sell some stuff here on ebay, but they have refused it and threatened to end my account. I have imported tons of stuff over the years, customs have never seized any of it. I tried to sell sealed DVD's of Nekromantik 1 and 2, the barrel release but couldn't as they are still illegal here. Actually, I might put them up here ! No one will know about that except the good people here
Let me know about the Nekromantic films. I may be interested.

As for SNDN and BC, I'm not sure why I haven't seen them yet. I've always had them on the "need to watch" list but just keep pushing them aside for other films. I'm planing to watch them this year for the Christmas season. Maybe even SNDN 3, 4&5.
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