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I watched this over the weekend. I thought it was mediocre at best. Really nothing new or original at all. The killer wasn’t interesting nor was the M.O. as to why he started killing. The kills were nothing spectacular…wood chipper scene was alright, but probably would have benefited if there was a hotter chick going in. I do praise the film makers for using practical effects. I didn’t notice any use of CG, so if it was in fact used, it was used sparingly and to the advantage of the effect at hand.

The antler kill was a complete failure. The blonde chick was probably the hottest/skankiest chick in the movie and she goes on the antlers with a top on? What the hell is that shit? That brought absolute shame to Linnea’s infamous death scene in the original.

The acting was what you’d expect…I didn’t find Malcolm McDowell’s character to be that bad. Jamie King plays the same fucking character she did three times before. The rest of the characters I could care less about. I thought the best character in the whole movie was Santa Jim. Donal Logue was absolutely brilliant. He brought that real vicious, ugly, ill-humored, cranky, and downright mean-spirited nature of the original through his character alone. He was the only one that really captured that essence.

The best part of the movie was the Garbage Day reference. I chuckled pretty good on that one.

All-in-all, an alright way to kill an hour and a half I guess, but not really deserving of any of the accolades its seems to be receiving.
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