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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
The handling of the "grandpa" scene is indicative of how ineffective the remake is in general. The campiness and bad taste of him terrorizing a toddler in the original makes it a hilariously memorable scene. But having grandpa deliver a similar monologue to a generic twenty-something strips away the dynamic that made it work so well the first time.
Totally forgot about this part…another failure on the remake’s part. Probably one of the most important scenes in the original feels like a throwaway scene here in the remake. The pure terror on that little kids face is the embodiment of the original. All of that thrown out the window and replaced with some 2min scene with some douche bag teen that felt awkwardly out of place.

Why bother “re-doing” these important scenes from the original and completely half ass it? Don’t do them at all then.
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