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"What can you say about Hatchet III? When you did the first Hatchet film, did you always know you’d be doing more of them?

GREEN: Back when we made Hatchet I, we had weapons that we showed on screen in the background because I knew it was going to be in the second film and I wanted people to be able to go back and see that we’d already set it up. We even purposely held back on the storyline for Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). In the first film, we only gave the bare minimum of information, so that you could understand the legend, as basic as possible. Kane knew what the real story was and our make-up effects people knew, but I didn’t tell anybody else. I just told them, “Trust me, in the sequel, this is what’s going to happen.” When we first screened the movie for producers, and there was this cut to black in the middle of the climax, they were like, “Did something break? What happened?” They were really worried about me ending the movie like that, but I told them that the second one would start right there and keep going. Thankfully, they went for it, but it was a huge gamble because it was an independent movie and we didn’t know if it would even get a release. Luckily, it did take off and we got to make a second one, and now a third one.

We knew what was going to happen in this one when we made the second one. After this one, I don’t have it mapped out. I don’t want to allude to anything more than that. If you think of the three movies as one movie, in my mind and in the cast and crew’s minds, this one is the big climax. This one is much more of an action movie than the other two were, but it also does have a really great emotional arc for Marybeth (Danielle Harris) and Victor Crowley. I don’t want to spoil anything more than that. It doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be more or that there won’t be more, but as of right now, I’m not thinking about doing another one, at least not next year. Right now, I’m only looking at Hatchet III."


Jump to the link for more. Adam Green talks about his other projects.
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