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A couple of days ago I ordered the Basket Case trilogy blu-ray and an Insignia player to make region free. I think Basket Case is region free, but I have Demons, Suspiria and Funhouse discs that I couldn't play and it's been bothering me.

Of course two days after I ordered these things I cracked a tooth so tomorrow I get to spend possibly a couple thousand dollars on a root canal and a cap, so those might be my last purchases for some time. Wish the tooth would've cracked a couple days before I spent money on those two items.

Earlier this month I also got

Conquest - Fulci
Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection -- Blu-ray - 4 discs, $13 on amazon
Miami Connection - Blu-ray - Got it for about $10.50 during that DD BF sale
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXV
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