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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
The Walking Dead is infinitely better now. The first season, aside from the pilot and a few moments in a couple of episodes, is damn near unwatchable. Believe me man, I was bored to tears watching the fucking show, but I stuck it wasn't until about halfway through the second season did the show start to become enjoyable. Now, the show is damn near the best thing on TV... that I watch anyway.

And don't anybody talk shit about Comic Book may not be the most intelligent thing on TV, but its a guilty pleasure of mine...probably for all who are the least bit fans of the View Askewniverse. It has its moments.
Walking dead was sucking and they fired all of their writer after the 2nd episode of the second season and found some people who knew how to tell a story. It has been awesome ever since!

BTW, anyone play the walking dead videogame episodes on steam? they look pretty killer...
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