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Just watched this the other day. Beyond the Black Rainbow is a film that will divide many viewers very quickly. It's very minimal, very avant-garde, drawing influences heavily from Kubrick, Lucas' THX-1183, and heady sci-fi. Light on dialogue and plot details will also leave a lot of viewers lost and confused. While the film's strong point is it's visual nature, expertly crafted by cinematographer Norm Li and director Panos Cosmatos, providing a truly original, frightening, and expansive atmosphere on a very small budget with unique set design and practical effects, it falls apart because it's too concerned with it's own minimalist nature that it forgets to provide the viewer with anything but visual stimuli. Beyond the Black Rainbow especially falls apart in it's last act when it breaks away from it's minimal narrative and decides to end the film a little to conventional, yet without any real answers. I think it's a film best summed up by a quote at the very end of the credits (which doesn't ruin the film), a quote taken from the fictional cult film Buckaroo Banzai, "No matter where you go, there you are." No matter where we are in the film, there we are, confused and left with nothing but insanely unique visuals that feels like a 2-hour music video. Worth watching visually, but not really for anything profound or even heady, it's just trying way too hard.
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