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Collection (only saw once in theater but loved it)
Cabin in the Woods (new favorite, held up perfect to repeat viewings)
Innkeepers (lost a lot on second viewing first was awesome though)
Piranha 3DD (not as awesome as I'd hoped, but still good dumb fun)
Excision (best blind buy in a while, better than 247* which was other blind for the year)

Unsure of:
Resident Evil 5 - seemed kinda pointless at the theater, but I liked some parts, will try again, already broke my Sony boycot for the steelbook (since I have all the other steels)
The Raven (watched a semi-bad download, liked what I could make out, waiting for library and real disc)

Big time disappointments:
Human Centipede 2 - where did all the dark humor go? This was sick for the sake of sick and I hated it (love the first)
Wrong Turn 5 - after the awesomeness of 4 I couldn't wait, now I wish I had waited. Looks cheap and juvenile. Some fun spots, but a letdown overall.

Still need to see almost everything else others have listed that I didn't chime in on.

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