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Finally got around to watching this, thanks to Netflix.

I think West may be my favorite young director working these days. Granted, that's based on only this and HotD. But, both showed a lot of care and intelligence and a good understanding of how horror works.

Most everything that I would say has been said by others, but I'll still echo the well written characters, fantastic skill at building tension and atmosphere, and great use of sound and music.

My only complaint is that it seems like West is either held back or holding back. Both this and HotD seemed to lack a bit once the climax comes around. The resolutions aren't bad, it's just that they both seem to suffer from the energy put into all the previous tension. Particularly considering how effective the few scares that come up are. I don't know if it's a budgetary thing or if West only can focus on one thing at a time.

In many ways I am reminded of Val Lewton's comment (which I may be messing up) that all a good horror film needs is good characters and one truly scary scene to be successful. In that respect, West's films end up being more like "The Leopard Man" and less like "Seventh Victim" or "Cat People"

So, I end up really liking Innkeepers a lot. But West has yet to cross the threshold into making a film that ranks up there with Session 9, Ringu, or Shining. But, I will definitely look forward to whatever he does next.

Oh, and I think he used the Dutch tilt way too much. I found that really distracting.

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