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THE JITTERS (1989) and GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE (1974) from Retromedia 3/19

John Fasano, the man behind ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE (1987) and BLACK ROSES (1988), completes his '80s horror triptych with THE JITTERS (1989), coming to DVD courtesy of Retromedia Entertainment.

After being murdered by the whitest street gang in film history, a Chinatown shopkeep returns from the grave as a gyonshi (a hopping vampire) to seek revenge. However, being undead creates even more problems for his still-living niece and her boyfriend, especially when the thugs show back up looking for a rumored money stash.

An atypical late-'80s horror comedy separated from the pack by its insertion of (then-obscure) Chinese mythology, THE JITTERS will likely appeal to fans of Fasano's prior two heavy metal horrors, and maybe even some Hong Kong cinema followers. The DVD promises an anamorphic transfer and director's commentary; it'll be interesting to hear what inspired the film's Asian elements.


No trailer uploaded, but here's a (spoiler-filled) video review:

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