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Turns out I'm friends with the original screenwriter for THE JITTERS (Jeff McKay), who posted this on my Facebook page when I asked if it was the same person:

"Yes, lol, although much was changed. Was originally supposed to be a very dark version of the jiangshi films, but of course it turned into more of a goofy comedy during production and rewrites, which may have been for the best. Fasano and his then-wife did most of the humor additions and those are highlights. I knew Fasano from the Shapiro Ent. days when we acquired Edge of Hell, and then again later when Gaga (where I then worked) wanted to go into film production on a film of this type, and that's how it all came to be, and John and Steve Wang (through a good friend of mine) came aboard. The original script was written by my 'boss' Sonoko and I after work, a few pages every night and we'd go over it in the morning at the office and move on to the next scenes the following day - not the best way to write a good screenplay. Going to Toronto was fun, though, trying to make it pass off as NYC. Quite a story behind it all actually, and in the end, Gaga was appalled by the final film and moved out of production immediately afterwards, and Sonoko and I were mostly to blame. The rough cut was much better in many ways (and contained a gratuitous nude scene between the two leads), too, than the final cut. Cheesy synth-score was added and i remember when the guy who wrote the title song called me after seeing the final cut that they spelled his name wrong on the opening credits - oops! I'm surprised this is coming out on DVD at all, though. Last I heard, Gaga claims no ownership of the film (maybe embarrassed). Lol. I believe I still have the original Gaga produced promo reel to show at AFM for the film which was pretty good, as well as the Skouras Pictures promo, the Japanese VHS release, if Retromedia wants it. Plus, I have a copy of the original artwork commissioned for the cool poster (of a gyonshee hovering over a city), which Prism declined because they wanted to do a horrible photoshop job for the video box instead. From what I remember, I think Prism only sold 7,500 units of the tape, so it served them right."

I tagged Fred in a few posts, and later heard back from Jeff:

"Thanks, Bruce, for informing Fred. Fred did contact me and he's going to re-encrypt the master to include those two promo trailers I had from way back when. I dropped them off to him earlier today. He obviously really does care about putting out the best product possible. There are a couple of shots in the promos that didn't make the final cut of the film, so that's cool, too."


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