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Originally Posted by Spacetraveler View Post
Child's Play 2, 3, 4,5- maybe they will come out when Curse of Chucky comes out on BD.

Friday the 13th 4-10- hopefully they will come out in 2013.
I'll will agree with you on that.

Originally Posted by Spacetraveler View Post
Omen 4- not sure if this will be released at all.
Anchor Bay probably still has a sub-licensing deal with Fox, maybe they can if they're willing and able (you don't have to worry about extras since the only extra was the trailer). Another good choice is Scream Factory for a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (good chance at getting some new stuff like a commentary).

Here are mine:

Phantasm I, III, and IV - I can see Anchor Bay putting the first one out before or nearing the release of the Phantasm II Collector's Edition. The release of John Dies At The End is another possible release choice. III and IV can be release at a later date, maybe next year.

Scanners - MGM no longer owns it and I still think Anchor Bay can get this from the film's producer if they're willing.

House IV - Not sure if New Line still owns the title. If they did, have they or Warner considered to release New Line titles through the Archive?

NOTLD '68 - Criterion or Scream Factory are perfect choices for this title

Originally Posted by fceurich39
LeatherFace Texas Chainsaw Massacre part III should of been out to coincide with new film
That and The Next Generation.

Puppet Master 4 and 5 - I can see these coming out next year. That leaves into question however of the shot-on-video sequels (Curse-Legacy); can they restored good for HD? And Image probably has Vs. Demonic Toys, correct?
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