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Originally Posted by Ash28M View Post
Which films from the new millennium have the most reply value
Y'all know what I'm going to say...: almost none. But, of course, almost doesn't mean "none" none, it's some none.

For all my torch and pitchfork wielding, the decade actually got off to a pretty good start. Ginger Snaps, American Psycho, Final Destination, Wendigo, Session 9, Jeepers Creepers, Ichi the Killer, Suicide Circle, May, and 28 Days Later. I was even kind-of a fan of the first half of Rob Zombie's House of 1,000 Corpses (then-knowing that Zombie would have to actually learn how to write characters who aren't raving white trash idiots, this of course including law enforcement, if he wanted to become a genuine filmmaker) and thought about half of Roth's Cabin Fever worked surprising well. Even classic-horror remakes were getting a little better: Thirteen Ghosts (even if it was unbelievably dumb, it was more fun than it had any right to be). And, Open Water (which of course REALLY doesn't stand up over time), at least fixed the problems of The Bottom-Barrel Witch Project by writing legitimate characters and having things actually happen to them.

Then came: Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre '03, and Haute Tension, and the genre died shortly afterward. I mean, yes- Mulberry St. was decent and Insidious was okay, but they can't save the genre alone. The genre needs visionaries / auteurs. We had 2 genuinely talented hopefuls: Lucky McKee and Larry Fessenden. Fessenden made the best thing I've seen in the genre since McKee's Sick Girl- the "Skin & Bones" episode of Fear Itself (aka- the only really good episode of that otherwise abysmal series). But he's been quiet for nearly 6 years now. Then, McKee decides to stop making original material and hop on the trendy Jack Ketchum adaptation-train (The Girl Next Door should be proof enough of why this is a bad idea). So, they disappear from the radar and who do we get in their places? Aja (who, to put things into perspective, is currently a greater hack than Uwe Boll) and Ti West, whose major claim might as well be regarded as a Tarantino-esque wankfest to horror in the late 70's / early 80's with only the most superficial grasp on how to make the film FEEL like horror in the 70's and 80's. Much as I was forced to actually say something "nice" about the film when I saw it, that thing being: it doesn't completely suck, sometimes this movie makes me angrier than the likes of the My Bloody Valentine remake (which was definitely worse) and Splinter (which beats a woman just so the flick can claim to have street cred). Again, because fans gave it instant credit for having an idea. NOT for what it actually did with the idea- merely for having it. Meanwhile, the film feels like a funeral service because it only knows how to SHOOT a shot like it's the late 70's/early 80's. Forgetting how to make it creepy, interesting, or visually striking. It's actually one of the most tedius horror films I've seen in years. Much as, initially, it didn't drive me to fury like Trick 'R Treat or Saw, at least those films' awfulness forced me to think (mostly about what the fuck is wrong with every last person who claimed they were above average efforts). House of the Devil didn't have a clue when to quit and forced me to have to criticize it much more for how badly the cast and crew performed, rather than outrageous flaws from the script phase (since I'm betting it worked on paper). It actually could have been a good movie. Watching that turn to shit is, in a way, worse.

That said: Inkeepers is in my Netflix WI Queue. The guy's had years to learn and, all I can say is: I hope he did. I want to watch the movie but, House of the Devil was just so bad.

Originally Posted by Body Boy View Post
That was better than I thought it would be. I dig it out every few years and sit waiting for the moment I will cringe from its' sheer awfulness...

It also has the 2nd funniest moment I've yet seen in New Millennium horror (2nd to the "Britney" scene in Seed of Chucky, of course)... Well, it used to be on YouTube. I'm going to have to upload it to Vimeo later.

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