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Top Ten Horror 2012

1. The Innkeepers (Love this movie! Loved it on a second viewing as well and am starting to crave a third!)
2. Cabin In The Woods
3. Prometheus
4. Mother's Day
5. Lovely Molly
6. Woman In Black
7. A Lonely Place To Die
8. Silent House (really only the first 3/4. The ending lost a lot of steam)
9. Piranha 3DD (second half is really a lot of fun)
10. Bait (some bad cgi but it has sharks in a mall. good enough for me)

Honourable mentions: Bait, The Raven, REC 3, Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, Wrong Turn 5

Haven't seen (and want to see): Sinister, Grabbers, Kill List, Resident Evil, The Collection, Silent Hill, V/H/S, Excision and We Need To Talk About Kevin
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