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Originally Posted by othervoice1 View Post
so what did you think? I went into seeing it without knowing it had any horror element to it - I thought it was just an action/thriller movie - confused the heck out of me until I found a good site that helped explain it to me <:
Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post

And you'll definitely want to turn the subtitles on. Even though it's in English, the accents are so thick that I couldn't understand a word they were saying.
Man, I don't know WHAT to think about Kill List. Like a lot of people here, it seemed to be a crime thriller at first, then morphed into a horror film. Apparently it was all foreshadowing, but I didn't see that. Granted, I was drinking 11% Belgian Ale at the time, but I think they could have played up the horror angle all along, like in The Wicker Man. I might give it another viewing before I send it back.

And yeah, you ain't shitting about the heavy accents. I thought they invented the language in that country. Why doesn't anyone there speak it?
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