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Mutilated Prey's 2013 List

Dale and Tucker vs. Evil - Hmmm, mildly entertaining horror spoof. I was expecting a little more like a Shaun of the Dead quality, but this doesn't come close.
DeathShip - Not only does this finally get a real release, but on Blu taboot! Looks great and the movie itself has a slight erie/creepy feel. Nothing crazy though.
Wrong Turn 3 - A little bit of a dip with this sequel. The movie itself isn't all that bad, but not my favorite story. The CGI on some kills is absolutely terrible.
Wrong Turn 4 - MUCH better than Part 3, some of the decision making still drove me nuts. Love the snowy/GhostKeeper atmosphere! The ending cracked me up.
The Grey - Good flick regarding men trying to survive not only the elements of the cold post plane crash, but some wolves that don't approve of their presence.
11-11-11 - Not as bad as all the terrible reviews I read. Some definite creepy images and relies a lot of jump scares. Still somewhat confused on the ending.
Looper - Seemed to have some "loop" holes, but overall pretty entertaining. I just didn't really understand why the Loopers needed to be killed 30 years later.
Chronicle - Another just alright movie that was a little over-hyped during it's initial advertising debut. Third person shot which was annoying at times, but OK.
Mother's Day - Better than the original? Let's not get carried away, but this is the type of remake I like for the most part - almost like a sequel/prequel of sorts.
The Tunnel - A pretty cool first person shot Blair Witch of sorts in Aussie land that takes place in abandoned World War II tunnels. Some creepy good stuff.
Screwballs - Took me a long time to finally watch this 80's sex teen comedy Blu. I think this may be the first of it's kind. It was good, but also annoying at times.

The Fields - Not what I was expecting, more of a drama with a weird unexplainable story. I think perhaps they tried to create a post Charles Manson flick?
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - The American adaptation of the Swedish masterpiece and not a bad job at all. Some scenes may have been slightly harsher.
Deranged - Revisited this for the first time since my original viewing. Kinda like a watered down Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but can definitely hold it's own.
Day of the Animals - Slightly after school special-ish, but still pretty entertaining. Some annoying characters, but the 70's campyness will keep you going.
Seven Psychopaths - Not bad with some great acting, intriguing story and decent gore believe it or not. A small homage to the Phantom Killer too is cool!
I Saw the Devil - Good movie, but way too long. Something like 2 1/2 hours? Not necessary at all. I like the story though, good guy screwing with the bad guy.
The Thing (remake) - It's actually a prequel that follows the same basic formula of the original. However, the CGI is slightly too much unfortunately. Not bad.
The Raven - A kinda cool adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's poems that lead to grisly murders and a mysterious whodunnit. Not a bad ride, better than expected.
Don't Let Him In - Somewhat weak British horror, but the gore is pretty decent. The characters and dialog are very annoying and bad unfortunately. Too bad.
Saw V - Pretty good for the 5th installment of this franchise. I'm surprised I don't like them more as I always seem to enjoy them once they're viewed.
Death Dream - Second viewing and I really dug it. What a great flick, needs a Blu release. Very creepy, and leaves you guessing "why?" Oddball good ending.
The Pit - That's some good early 80's campy horror fun. So silly, yet very entertaining. Too bad the DVD is OOP, I should keep an eye out for sure. Good stuff.
Curb You Enthusiasm Season 8 - Watched the entire series over the weekend. Funny. Looking forward to Season 9, but I don't have HBO, gotta wait fror DVD.

The Island - Took me a long time to watch this movie, and I was lucky enough to get the Blu view! Better than I thought, but it has a little pirate cheese.
Bitter Feast - Oddball rental here that was somewhat entertaining. Josh from Blair Witch stars as a food critic that pisses off the wrong chef and gets tortured.
Black Death - Not bad for a medieval times flick. It panned out in an unsuspecting way which was good, and also I really liked the fact it wasn't too long.
Rabies - I tried to watch this movie twice and kept passing out. It's apparently the first Israeli horror film and was all subtitled which didn't help. Hard to follow.
Saw VI - Here we go again. Another sequel to a seemingly never ending franchise. Very entertaining, same story different victims and demises.
Saw The Final Chapter - Is it really over? I guess so? A pretty good ending to the franchise if so. I like how they tied many aspects of the series back together.
ATM - This was just OK for me. No background story at all here as far as I could tell. Just some whacko that likes to spec out ATM's and mess with whomever.

Man on a Ledge - Better than I was anticipating, but still not all that great. Had a decent little story and strategy to it that keeps you intrigued, but falls short.
Lighthouse - Was very happy to get my hands on this OOP flick. Has some great kills and eerie moments. However, I'm not sure exactly what the premise was.
Beneath the Darkness - Not sure how Dennis Quaid found himself in this movie, but it wasn't all that great. Kinda like a Scooby Doo mystery with meddling kids.
Tourist Trap - Great little creepy lost gem from the 80's. My second viewing. Not sure how this fell into Full Moon's hands and I think it is above their standards.
Footloose - I don't know how it happened but the wife and I saw this start, made fun of it for 5 minutes and got sucked into the rest of the movie. Cheesy 80's!
Walking Dead Season 2 - Rewatched over the course of a week. Good replay value as it was nice to pick up on a few things I missed like The Hat being bad luck!
Terror in the Swamp - How's this for Southern Fried Cinema? While there are many flaws the Southern twang alone is worth the price of admission. Crazy Sally!
American Reunion - Chapter 4 with no one missing other than Jim's mom (they killed her off). Some of the usual laughs, nothing groundbreaking, but still funny.
New Year's Eve - Wow, what a piece of crap. So many great names in this flick that essentially was made for teenagers I'd say and promote Times Square on NYE.
Red Riding Hood - It was kinda like watching an artsy Disney-fied werewolf movie. Some cool landscapes and shots, but overall not something I would watch again.
The Ward - Not as good as I was hoping. There's a decent twist which was kinda easy to figure out and been done before. Some slightly creepy moments too.
Doomwatch - Interesting little known flick about the effects of hormone dumping into the water by a little shore town. Kinda slow and the ending is unexpected.
Hands of Blood - Not great flow or action here. Just a somewhat crummy early 70's movie trying to jump on the slasher bandwagon, but has it's intriguing moments.
Savages - How a movie could start out so great, slide downwards terribly and have a ridiculous ending is beyond me. Directed by Oliver Stone too! Weak.
Killer's Delight - Another 70's sleazy slasher of sorts. It's got some good entertainment value, but I've seen better. The killer has some fun issues to witness.

Death Shock - Terrible, it's not a horror movie at all. It's amateur porn, slightly more than soft. It's peppered with a devil worship story, but it's mainly bad smut.
Ghost of the Needle - Not bad for a super low budget flick, but it was just way too long for the storyline. Got a little slow and repetitive is certain spots.
Deadly Daphne's Revenge! - This movie started out promising with some fun characters and some rape, but after that NOTHING happens till the end. Who's Daphne?
Taken 2 - This sequel was just OK, I admit I was expecting more after such a great original. Story's kinda far-fetched and annoying at times, but at least short.
The Roost - Ti West's first movie which got a lot of bad reviews. I actually thought it was pretty good. It's a simple story for the most part, but creepy too.
Barracuda - Decent entry into the killer fish genre, which turns into quite the little action conspiracy movie unexpectedly. Some alright gore too. I liked it.
Island of Fury - Starts out pretty awful and the acting is horrid. However, the story seems to quickly change once the flashbacks start and it gets a little better.
976-Evil - Took me a while to watch this one. Not sure it was worth the wait. It's entertaining enough I guess, but there's just too much "bad" cheese for me.
Trigger Man - One of Ti West early films and not all that good. Nothing happens for way too long. I guess when things get going it's ok, but overall very boring.
Battleship - Just another alien attack flick with lots of action. It was entertaining enough, but nothing special. A little more background on the aliens would help.
The Town That Dreaded Sundown - So psyched this finally got released and on Blu taboot! Gotta love the Phantom Killer. Great story and the disc looks great.
The Evictors - What a great bonus feature to have with Town that Dreaded Sundown. Not a bad little movie, but I must admit I was expecting a little more.

Silent House - Apparently all shot in one take. Some creepy moments and not an overall bad watch. Some things left unexplained - need to see the original.
Bleeding House - Somewhat low budget and starts off very slow. OK once things gets going, but there was something about the pace that made things dull.
Detention - Terrible. Too much of a kids horror movie with all kinds of Scream-type ripoffs and just over the top annoying characters, bells and whistles.
HellTrain - Not worth anyone's time. It's just slight sexploitation and outdated. It took about 40 minutes for me to left an eyebrow and even that was lame.
Prometheus - Alien rip off? Yup. But still was entertaining enough and I wouldn't mind a sequel. Decent story line, and good acting. just don't CGI too much.
Lovely Molly - I kinda liked this one. Started out a little dull, but got progressively creepy and intriguing. Your interest is kept by wondering what's going on.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Meh, over the top action horror. Just OK. Entertaining and some fun gore, but hints of annoying CGI as expected.
V/H/S - Anthology like Creepshow, but of VHS quality. First story was good, second OK, third meh, fourth ?, fifth pretty good - House of the Devil?
Chernobyl Diaries - I found it to be worth a watch. Loved the setting, but the story is nothing all that new. I too kept thinking about The Hills Have Eyes.
The Burning - Decided to pop in the newly purchased Blu-Ray and it did not disappoint. Looked great and it still is one of my favorite movies of all time.
Silent Night, Bloody Night - Speaking of favorites, for some reason I got an itch to watch this lost xmas classic. Please someone give this a proper release.
Sleepaway Camp - Will this ever make it to blu? Seems like some crisping and brightening would do this some justice. Another one of my favorites.

Dogtooth - Very weird Greek movie made in the last few years. Interesting to watch because of all the unexpected, but a little too nonsensical for me.
Killer Joe - Not quite what I was expecting, kinda of a twisted action flick where Matthew McConaughey has some weird issues. Decent watch.
Madman - Love this 80's slasher. Still have yet to bust open my CodeRed release and did the AB instead. Fun all the way around nonetheless.
Just Before Dawn - I like this movie more and more every time I see it (3 times now). Would love to see the Blu - maybe CodeRed is doing it?
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls - Nonsensical over the top gore. Oddly boring even though there is so much violence and nudity, but for what?
Turistas - Been meaning to give this a second watch for a while. I enjoyed it overall. One of the better horror flicks post 2000 for sure IMO.

Slaughtered - SOV and pretty bad too. Some minor fake gore and ugly chicks dressing like S&M ho's. Really not much to take away from here.
The Hidden - I forgot how much I enjoyed this flick. Doesn't get very much recognition for an alien/Sci-Fi movie, maybe a Blu in the future?
Megan is Missing - First 45 minutes is pretty boring, kinda keeps you mildly entertained. The last 22 minutes thrills and chills are good though.
Sweet Sixteen - watched the Code Red release, not the greatedt qualoty, but what can ya do? Somewhat effective slasher, but not the best.
Funny Games (1997) - Shoulda kept it dark and passed on the random cute antics. They could have gotten away with keeping that shit out.
Pink Flamingos - WTF. I have no idea why I rented this, but probably because some dumbass suggested it here. Lude, crude with no point.
Breaking Bad Season 1 - After all the hype someone finally gave me their DVD set of the first season so I watched it all - awesome. More!
American Mary - Checked this out on a whim and really enjoyed it. Different, creepy, raunchy, sexy and violent - I will seek out the Blu-Ray.
Initiation - Aussie random adventure/drama flick. Wanted to check this out before purchasing the double feature with the Dreaming - it's ok.
Evil Dead (Remake) - Pretty entertaining, but not as good as the original. A little more face paced, some slight CGI, but not bad. Creepy dead.
The Prey - watched the uncut version again just to reaffirm it's totally unnecessary. Watch the theatrical cut, as the uncut makes for a bad deterrent.
D'Jango - Too much hype over this Tarantino flick. Yeah, it's entertaining enough, but nowhere his best. Fun gore, decent story, terrible soundtrack.

The Mutilator - Another viewing of one of my favorite slashers. Bring on the Blu please. Good gore, lovable cheesy characters, low mentality fun!
Primeval - Not bad overall for a newer horror flick. Some good gore and not over the top CGI. Aussie flick maybe? Somewhat original story too.
Pieces - More summer time slasher fun. This could go Blu someday too I would hope. Great gore and entertainment value is high - terrible disc break.
Lightning Bug - Backwoods drama hick flick with the red head chick from That 70's Show. Not great, but some kinda funny moments. Meh, I'd skip it.
Dead End - Not bad for a blind buy from Full Moon. Low budget, but some over the top scenes that are stomach turning and gut busting funny.
Breaking Bad Season 2 - Cruised through another season. Really getting into this series and apparently Season 3 is where things get dark - bring it!

Silent Night Bloody Night - I just couldn't wait for Christmas to watch the new CodeRed release. My prayers have been answered! A decent transfer!
Hospital Massacre - Who'da thunk this would ever make it's way to a digital format, and Blu-Ray taboot! Excellent transfer and slasher fun for sure!
Schizoid - Never got around to watching my VHS so it's pure bonus to be billed with the above from Scream. Not bad overall, always love Kaus flicks.
Alien 2: On Earth - Just checked out the BluRay for the first time and while the quality is excellent I'm not sure I liked it as much as my Alien Terror viewing.
Invasion of Blood Farmers - Only watched this because it was double billed with Silent Night Bloody Night. Mildly entertaining, but overall pretty awful.
Breaking Bad Season 3 - Things are getting better and better. This season definitely leaves off in an interesting area making you want more - woohoo!

Platoon of the Dead - One cheap ass low budget zombie flick. It's really awful and I couldn't come close to finishing it at all. Some terrible effects, just blah.
Outpost - Now this was much better. Same concept of what I was trying to achieve above. Nazi zombies, good effects and somewhat creepy. Well done.
Horrors or War - I should have quit while I was ahead. A step back towards Platoon, but not quite as bad. Skip this one too folks, it's cheap and has silly effects.
Shadow of the Hawk - Very random and rare Indian horror. I loved it! It's slightly dated, but it has some great creepy moments and that white mask is spooky!
Cold Prey - Gave this one another watch as I recall enjoying it. For whatever reason this time around I didn't feel as intrigues, but do look forward to the sequels.
Wolf Creek - Another revisit and this time around I think I liked it better than the first. Good movie, when genuine thrills. Where's the sequel to this one?
Act of Vengeance - It took me a while to watch this and it was somewhat worth the wait. Good transfer, but the audio has annoying crackles. Good sleaze here.
Death By Dialog - Low Budget but has some entertainment value. A Troma VHS rip release. Longer than it really needed to be and the ending seemed odd.
Epitaph - Same kind of release as above, but a little more entertaining. Mom is certainly a whack job ho-bag and pretty much kills off anyone that crosses her.
The Dark Power - Fun to revisit this one. The comedic cheese in the first half is better than the horror action in the second haf, but it's still pretty fun overall.

Breaking Bad Season 4 - Best season yet. Love the last episode. Going to be interesting to see how they start out season 5 and everything seems is over.
Mirage - Super obscure Aussie slasher flick. Some good kills, whacky serial killer and a whodunnit of sorts too. Pretty good for a flick I'd never heard of.
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Saw it in the theater supposedly in HD for the first time. Definitely looked pretty good, but the sound was terrible and it was cut.
Antropophagus - Pretty good zombie flick, not the best but fairly entertaining. Surprised a Blu hasn't been announced yet. Some creepy moments for sure.
Dear Dead Delilah - Not a bad little corny slasher. Whodunnit tendencies with some fun dialog. Typical story or fortune and deceit. Ripped my old VHS.
BloodBeat - Might be one of the weirdest slashers ever. Our killer is a Samurai warrior. Seems to start out pretty decent but weirdly worse towards the end.
The Dark - I think this flick is better than the reputation that proceeds it. It's got a cool creepy feel, not much gore, but that one head rip is awesome. Blu?
Don't Go In the Woods Alone! - Man, this flick really is all over the place. While there's non-stop gore and killings in the woods, the killer is kinda lame.
Black Christmas - Another obvious yearly tradition. I used to hate this flick and now I love it. It's dirty, got some gore and our killer is totally whacked out!

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