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Wreck It Ralph-(theatrical)-Jan. 1st
The Hobbit-(theatrical)-Jan. 2nd
Hannie Caulder-(Blu Ray)-Jan. 2nd
The Life Of Pi-(theatrical)-Jan. 3rd
Rio Conchos-(DVD)-Jan. 5th
Fright Night-(download)-Jan. 6th
After Midnight-(DVD)-Jan. 6th
Black Christmas-(Blu Ray download) Jan. 7th
The Haunted House Of Horror-(DVD) Jan. 7th
In The Dark -(TV) Jan.12th
Where Eagles Dare-(DVD) Jan. 25th
Christmas With Holly-(TV)-Jan. 26th
Looker-(DVD download)-Feb. 16th
Twixt-(download)-Feb. 16th
Bullet To The Head -(theatrical)-Feb. 17th
Mama-(theatrical)-Feb. 17th
A Good Day To Die Hard-(theatrical)-Feb. 18th
Argo-(theatrical)-Feb. 19th
Dead Man Down-(theatrical)-March 9th
Jack Reacher-(theatrical)-March 16th
Oz:The Great And Powerful-(theatrical)-March 28th
Spring Breakers-(theatrical)-March 29th
The Call-(theatrical)-March 29th
Stoker-(theatrical)-March 30th
Admission-(theatrical)-April 22nd.
Hurricane Sword-(Youtube)-April 26th
Jack The Giant Killer-(theatrical)-May 5th
G.I. Joe:Retaliation-(theatrical)-May 10th
The Evil Dead (2013)-(theatrical)-May 10th
Iron Man 3-(theatrical)-May 11th
Mudd-(theatrical)-May 12th
Olympus Has Fallen-(theatrical)-May 19th
Cleopatra-(theatrical)-May 22nd
Mysterious Island-(Blu Ray download)-May 24th
Oblivion-(theatrical)-May 25th
Room 237-(theatrical)-May 26th
The the beginning-(Blu Ray)-May 27th
The Croods-(theatrical)-June 8th
Furious 6-(theatrical)-June 9th
The Purge-(theatrical)-June 9th
This Is The End-(theatrical)-June 11th
Man Of Steel-(theatrical)-June 16th
The Heat-(theatrical)-June 30th
World War Z- (theatrical)-July 3rd
White House Down -(theatrical)-June 3rd
Tales Of Terror (DVD)-June 5th
The Theatre Bizarre (download)-June 5th
The Lone Ranger (theatrical)-June 6th
Take A Hard Ride (DVD)-June 6th
Sisters (2006)-(download)-June 6th
Shenendoah-(theatrical)-June 8th
The Conjuring-(theatrical)-Aug. 3rd
The Wolverine-(theatrical)-Aug. 10th
Two Guns-(theatrical)-Aug. 11th
The Expendables (Spike TV)-Aug. 24th
Shreck-(TBS)-Aug. 30th
You're Next-(theatrical)-Sept. 5th
Blue Jasmine-(theatrical)-Sept. 7th
Pacific Rim-(theatrical)-Sept. 7th
The World's End-(theatrical)-Sept. 7th
The Fog (1979)-(DVD)-Sept. 13th
Valentine-(DVD)-Sept. 13th
Insidious 2-(theatrical)-Oct.3rd
Gravity-(theatrical)-Oct. 3rd
Byzantium-(theatrical)-Oct. 4th
Enough Said-(theatrical)-Oct. 4th
Lords Of Salem-(download)-Oct. 5th
The Pact-(Netflix)-Oct. 5th
Birth Of The Living Dead-(theatrical)-Oct. 19th
Night Of The Living Dead-1968 (theatrical)-Oct. 19th
Albino Farm-(DVD)-Oct. 31st
Prince Of Darkness-(download)-Nov. 2nd
Creepshow-(Blu Ray)-Nov. 2nd
Dead & Buried-(download)-Nov.2nd
From Beyond The Grave-(DVD)-Nov. 2nd
Only God Forgives-(theatrical)-Nov. 3rd

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