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I watched 498 films in 2011 (I remember being so pissed when I missed my goal of 500 by 2 films), and only 292 in 2012. I guess that's what having a kid does to you. It was still fun, though. Looking forward to another year of tracking.

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I'm going to try to watch many more "must see" 's this year, starting with Godfather I, II and III. I'd seen The Godfather years ago on cable TV in that extended edition at full screen with commercials. I didn't find it very interesting. I'll have to give it a fair shot without all those limitations.
Is Godfather Part III a "must-see"? I'm not sure. Parts I and II are astoundingly good, but III is a bit more of a curiosity, an appendix to the first two. Not the turkey that many claim it to be, for sure, but nowhere near the level of the others. I haven't seen the extended edition (I believe that was actually parts I and II edited together in chronological order for television, wasn't it?), but I expect that tampering with the structure of the two films in such a drastic manner would certainly remove a lot of their impact. Not to mention the commercial breaks, which are absolute death to the pacing of any film. So I expect you'll enjoy them upon a second, proper viewing.
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