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I won't have the time nor the inclination to write down all the impressions I have about the films I watch this year (and who would want to read all that anyway!) but since it's my first attempt at tracking them all I thought I'd chime in with my impressions on the first two.

First up Battleship. Not something I would have sought out on my own, but I was over someone's place, they put it on, and you know what? It wasn't nearly as abysmal as the Transformer movies. The picture opens with our hero's larcenous attempt at pilfering a burrito for a bodacious babe in a bar. To keep him out of trouble his brother naturally enlists him into the service and we are abruptly whisked away to Hawaii where the Navy is engaged in war exercises. Suddenly, aliens arrive to kill everyone. I liked the effort to incorporate aspects of the board game with the "wave displacement grid", and the alien's ammunition projectiles. I mean, if you're going to make a movie based on Battleship you might as well honor the game a bit. Also, the idea of Japan helping the U.S. foil a foreign invasion from outer space on the shores of Hawaii is a nice touch. Not too bad, but what if instead it was a low budget, 80 minute B&W picture that took place completely in the interior of the Destroyer and was basically the "wave displacement grid" scene for the entirety of it's runtime? Just an idea.

John Dies at the End is a whole different beast of a movie. The less said the better, but it's sort of part Naked Lunch and part Shaun of the Dead with Coscarelli's stamp all over it. The young cast is all excellent and it's always great to see Clancy Brown, Angus Scrimm and Paul Giamatti in a movie. Also, it was a personal pleasure to see Glynn Turman show up. I've been a fan ever since seeing Cooley High. Anyway, I think most everyone here would like it, so go check it out!

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