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How about an update? As a glutton for punishment I ordered from their Christmas sale. Although I already received the items a week ago I got an email just today stating my transaction hadn't cleared. The hell of it is that their email subject said that payment HAD cleared. I checked my bank and it had cleared. So I checked on Shout's site and it lists my items as shipped and yet not shipped... I also noticed they charged me separately for the S&H and the items; so they paid double the fees for two separate transactions.

I did receive the items (which was another fiasco with the warehouse tossing in double and triple some items; so they shipped in separate boxes uping their costs) but in my experience over the past few months these guys are idiots. From the way they handled my account, processed my order and collected payments these guys are complete idiots. I'm fortunate that their idiocy was all in my favor but I wouldn't risk that ever again. I gave them a second try and they fucked it up even more.
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