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Roy Ward Baker's THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970) from Shout Factory 4/30 -- More Hammer!

Hammer Films' Karnstein Trilogy kicks off in style with Roy Ward Baker's THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970), coming to Blu Ray from Scream Factory! An adaptation of J. Sheridan Le Fanu's lesbian gothic 'Carmilla,' the film follows the vengeance of Mircalla Karnstein (Ingrid Pitt), deceiving aristocratic households to seek retribution for the decimation of her bloodline. Soon, pretty young girls are showing up drained of fluids, and the townspeople begin to recognize a problem... Feeling pressure from increasingly explicit competition, the famed Hammer studios began to really trash up their output with this entry, adding more bloodshed and outright eroticism than previously found. We, the audience, win. Besides the hi-def rendering, Shout promises some additional supplements over the OOP MGM disc.

Blu preorder:


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