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Originally Posted by wago70 View Post
I can't wait to score this - funny how BOTH films were paired up at drive-ins when "Birthday" was released in '81.
That makes this set brilliant in that aspect, a true double feature from the drive-in days! Are you sure it was paired with a film 2 years older though? I was too young to recall, and lived too far from a drive-in to get ads when I was that age anyway.

My store is down to 2 copies, and by my math, I'm the only one who bought any. They started with 10, I've mailed 5, kept one and have 2 pending. I love that they just keep them for me, and I go get em as people request. Wonder how long it will take to get a new rack in here, nothing else is moving from it, nothing! There's 8-10 copies of every other set, and the ones that are down to 8, I got a copy for others of, along with the Birthday set. Methinks Wally or Milly should put me on the payroll.

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